Volt Inu The People's Crypto

Volt Inu is an ecosystem aimed at becoming a one-stop shop offering DeFi products while bringing profits back to the native token to support its deflationary purpose.

Our ecosystem
VoltiChange is our DEX automatically listing and making any Uniswap or Pancakeswap projects deflationary for free.
VDSC is our NFT collection that will give you access to gaming integrations and exclusive rights and revenues.
VoltiGames includes a P2E racing game and offers rewards plus buy-back & burns, all integrated with our volted NFT'S.
VoltiFlex is still a mystery and will be the next utility to be launched. Stay tuned for a volted announcement!
VoltiEco is a unique utility using A.I. technology, automation and smart contracts to collect airdrops.

Our Tokenomics

We are on Ethereum Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Chain

Liquidity Pool

Our Contract

Or use a Credit Card / Bank Transfer on
The 1st deflationary DEX


Our DEX allows projects to get listed in a free and permissionless way and makes them become deflationary by burning their supply.

  • No liquidity to add
  • 0.25% fee burning your supply while trading
  • A fully customizable widget to place on your own website
A Telegram Trading Bot


DeFi Trading Made Fast and Easy with our MultiChain Telegram Trading Bot ... SparkBot ...

  • Trade, Earn and Burn in seconds on Telegram
  • Making every token Deflationary by using the VoltiChange Contracts
  • Limit Orders, Auto Transfers to Hardware Wallets and Portfolio Liquidations in Minutes
  • Earn forever with your Referral Code
Trade at a Volted Pace!
Play to Earn...and Get Volted!


We offer multiple ways to earn $VOLT in Game-Fi and we keep on expanding through partnerships in 2023.

  • Paying out monthly rewards to communities
  • Offering buy-back and burns to top rated projects
  • NFT integrations of the Volted Dragons
Let's Play!
Pay with Crypto


A physical / virtual Debit Card that allows users to seamlessly spend crypto currencies for everyday purchases.

  • The power of DEFI at your fingertips
  • Send up to 6 cryptos from your wallet directly to your physical or virtual card. On launch BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, USDC and BUSD.
  • Powered by VISA, so accepted worldwide
Volt Inu
exp. end: 11/26
Mr Voltoshi
When DEFI is not your thing

Volt can be traded on 82 Centralized Exchanges

Although we are big supporters of decentralization, CEXs have always been a priority for us! They allow for greater accessibility, exposure and liquidity which makes them a key to project longevity.

Centralized Exchanges
Take a look at the Volted plans

The Roadmap

Stage One
Telegram launch
Twitter launch
Website development
Contract deployment
Stealth and fair launch
CoinGecko listing
CoinMarketCap listing
Etherscan verification
1,000 holders
Stage Two
NFTs acquisition
Nodes acquisition
Altcoins trading
First buyback & burn round
Contests & giveways
NFTs Fractionalizations
FEGEX listing
Shibaswap listing
Whitepaper release
Stage Three
Smart contract audit
BSC bridge
CEX listings
Treasury staking & farming
Global marketing campaigns
Billboards & press releases
P2E game release
Volt merch
10,000 holders
Stage Four
Automated reward system
Legal opinion
Contract deployment
Migration to V2
Everswap listing
NFT Collection
VOLT-Fiat gateway
Launchpad / Incubator
50,000 holders
Stage Five
New website
Polygon bridge
First VDSC reward
Bridge on VoltiChange
VoltiChange gamification
SparkBot Launch
3 top 10 CEXs
VDSC battle royale game
VDSC in-game marketplace
$1M burn at ATH
100 VoltiChange Widgets
250,000 holders
250,000 Twitter followers
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Volt Inu in the News

Volt Inu is Ready to Launch VoltiEco the AI-Powered Ecosystem.

April 19 2023

Volt Inu announced on Twitter on April 18, 2023, that it would launch VoltiEco within the following 3 weeks. VoltiEco, an AI-powered ecosystem, will collect existing and upcoming crypto protocol airdrops to sustain the Volt Inu ecosystem by rewarding holders and ensuring project development.

Volt Inu Community Passes Vote for $75M Token Burn, Plans Polygon Network Expansion.

February 14 2023

A now-concluded Volt Inu community vote to burn nearly 45 trillion VOLT tokens on a BNB Chain-to-Ethereum bridge was passed Monday by voters, with $14 million worth already burned as of the time of writing on Tuesday.

Volt Inu Already Making Crazy Returns Before The Bull Run.

February 06 2023

Volt Inu (VOLT) is a project changing the DeFi space with its comprehensive ecosystem.

VoltiChange Expands Market Reach with Widget and Deflationary Strategy.

January 23 2023

Volt Inu has recently launched its VoltiChange DEX, a deflationary exchange that promises to revolutionize the crypto market.

Volted Dragon 02
Volted Dragon 18
Volted Dragon 01
Volted Dragon 09
Volted Dragon 03
Volted Dragon 12
Volted Dragon 04
Volted Dragon 11
Volted Dragon 05
Volted Dragon 13
Volted Dragon 06
Volted Dragon 10
Volted Dragon 07
Volted Dragon 15
Volted Dragon 08
Volted Dragon 16
Volted Dragon 17
Volted Dragon 14

Volted Dragons Sailors Club

The Volted Dragons Sailors Club (VDSC) is the Volt Inu official collection of 10,000 3D NFT Dragons sailing on the Ethereum Blockchain.

By holding a Volted Dragon, you will get exclusive access to future collections, to real world events & meetups, to exclusive rights and revenues within the VOLT ecosystem and other perks as a member of the VDSC.

Let's dive in...

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